native instruments massive x free presets

In 2019, Native Instruments released an entirely new iteration of its flagship Massive VST synthesizer. Massive X was more than a simple update or UI change to its original modeling. No, Massive X was an entirely new synth that quickly became another powerhouse player in the plugin world of VST synths for music production.

Need More Free Sounds? Check This Out. 

But music production can be damn expensive, especially if you are new to music production or aren’t bringing in thousands of dollars from your productions. So we did the heavy lifting for you and collected every free preset and sound we could find for the synth.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a massive new library of expressive sounds that allow you to get the most out of this powerful wavetable synth.

Massive X Vol. 01 (320 Sounds)

This pack of presets and sounds for Massive X has a little something for everyone but certainly a little something extra for bass-loving producers. Right off the bat, you can check that this massive pack of sounds is filled with bass sounds, leads, keys, atmospheres, and more. This is a killer pack to have, regardless of the genres of music you are producing.

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