Free Saturation Plugins

Saturation adds warmth to an otherwise sterile and bland backdrop

In the day and age when everyone is making electronic music in the box (AKA in their laptop), making your music sound like it wasn’t is the gold standard of what constitutes a professional sound.

So how do achieve this level of ‘professional sound’ in your music production’?

Saturation and distortion mimics the effects of the expensive hardware pieces of yesteryear by adding drive, color, and harmonic excitement to the sound. If you dial in the drive knob just right, you can get a synth like Serum or Massive to sound like it’s an expensive piece of analog hardware that was produced and recorded in a million dollar studio.

Need More Free Plugins? Here’s The Ones You NEED for Vocals

Each plugin on this list has the ability to recreate this level of warmth and clarity by adding saturation to the channel and bus. Sure, premium plugins and saturation modules will always yield a better result, but many of us are producing on a budget. And just because we are producing music on a budget doesn’t mean that we can’t use the plugins available to use to mimic the sounds of professional producers. 

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