Paul van Dyk Premier

Paul Van Dyk, the living legend of trance music

When you’re producing 138bpm trance, the sample selection and sound palette are much different than when you’re producing other genres. You need tight and powerful kick drums, fast-paced drum loops, and FX hits that are larger than life.

Love Producing House Music? Snag these 4k+ Free Samples

That is precisely what you are about to get in this ultimate collection of free trance samples. We’ve used every sample on this list in one of our professionally-produced records and can swear by their effectiveness. So this collection will have something for you whether you’re making progressive trance, Psytrance, uplifting trance, or any other trance music subgenres.

So let’s dive in…

SampleRadar: 293 free trance samples

Let’s explore the world of trance which was born in the 1990s and has been a popular genre in clubs. Tap into the same synth sounds that are used in hip-hop are also being used in Calvin Harris’s number 1 hit, I’m Not Alone, and other top hits that defined an entire generation of trance music.

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