FutureSound (futuresound.io), a collective dedicated to championing new ways in which sound and music can enrich, enhance, inspire and improve our lives, is set to host a special event next Saturday (31 July), exploring how the ‘future of sound will transform the human experience’.

The ‘Step Into The Future’ event will feature three hours of talks, presentations and performances, which will incorporate discussion on artificial intelligence, wellbeing, altered states and ancient wisdom, as well as electronic music.

Among those set to appear are EastForest, a ‘soulgaze’ pioneer, who will explore ‘Music as a sonic technology and its use as an instrument for healing’; Carl H Smith, who will speak on the topic of ‘Sound, technology and consciousness’; and creative scientist and futurist Katherine Templar-Lewis in conversation with Microsoft’s former Director of Sound + Sensory Design Matthew Bennett, on the importance of sound and wellbeing in design and experience.

Elsewhere, Dutch designer & innovator Anouk Wipprecht will explore how ‘Neuro technology meets fashion tech’; Chagall will present a unique live performance; Jamie Jones, along with Meya founder Raff Ricci will examine ‘The journey of transformation through electronic music and meditation’; and a lot more besides.

The livestream runs from 3pm to 8pm UK time, on Saturday 31 July. Tickets are priced at £10 and can be purchased by clicking here.

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