Galactica Festival are taking its curation skills to the next level with the launch of its very own imprint Galactica Music. The inaugural release ‘Icarius Vol. 1’ is available now as a 12-track double vinyl and digital album via Bandcamp
Launched as a platform to express its unique musical vision, Galactica Music has ensured its very first release perfectly portrays the intent of the label. The first step in their discographic journey kicks off with V.A. series ‘Icarius’ – a collection that brings together accomplished artists showcasing their techno sounds. 
Featuring a carefully curated range of artists that have pounded their decks over the years, ‘Icarius Vol. 1’ presented both a 12-track VA on double vinyl and a digital album.  Offering a comprehensive exploration of the techno scene, spanning electronic, industrial, acid break and hard techno genres, the compilation is a thoughtfully crafted compilation that encapsulates the very essence of techno, capturing all of its shadows and diverse variations. 
Available via Bandcamp

Galactica Music

  1. Metaraph – In A Distant Land
  2. Mattia Trani – Eternal Connection
  3. Vendex – Blood Blade
  4. Luca Agnelli – Acid Heart
  5. RBX – Time Lapse
  6. Skryption – Samsara
  7. Dexphase – Front Row Raver
  8. Boston 168 – Nocturnal Mindset
  9. V111 – Overdrive
  10. Lorenzo Raganzini & Paolo Ferrara – Roxanne
  11. Samantha Togni – London Slurp
  12. WarinD – This Feeling

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