Jiah Wells, better known as Galtier, will release his debut album on Mexico’s Infinite Machine in September.

Pulchra Es Elementis, which translates to “elements are beautiful” in Latin, reflects the Bristol producer’s belief that “there is grace in all of life’s aspects.” Whereas his earlier work, including two outings on Infinite Machine, soundtracks hypothetical, off-planet words, this full-length turns the focus inwards, towards Wells’ “own emotional constellation,” his evolving spirituality, and his attempts to tap into planes of existence beyond the tangible. We’re told to expect nine tracks of percussive club music.

Borrowing heavily from techno, UK bass, dancehall, and ambient, Galtier’s music is like a utilises impactful, “Blade Runner soundtrack with drums,” he says. A strong internet in rhythm and percussion, coupled with a love for 1980s science fiction, help sculpt his compositions into imaginative, thematic electronic tracks. He helms the Nostro Hood System label.

The record is the Mexican label’s first vinyl release in three years.


01. Crystalised Larva
02. Wilfull Saviour
03. Bruised, But Not Broken
04. U Were, U Are & What U Will Be
05. Pulchra Es Elementis
06. Phantasiai
07. Cavernam (feat. Superficie)
08. (U Are) Beautiful
09. Shine Forth

Pulchra Es Elementis LP is scheduled for September 24 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Phantasiai” in full below and pre-order here.

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