German producer Tim Engelhardt has announced the launch of a new label, Lifeforms, which sees him team up with scientist and producer Dr. Nicolas Pinto on a project that ‘aims to empower artists through innovative technologies’.

Engelhardt, who has released on labels such as Scenarios, Stil Vor Talent, Watergate and Poker Flat, will inaugurate the new label with the release of Wide Awake EP, featuring Jyll, which is released on 17 November and can be downloaded here.

According to a press release to accompany the launch, the label’s mission is to ‘provide artists with a dynamic platform for authentic self-expression; not merely as a record label but as an innovative playground for creative freedom. Here, artists will not only craft their own sonic narratives, they will also gain knowledge and access to modern tools that will empower their artistic journeys.’

This will include providing artists with access to tools such as AI, blockchain and other inventive technologies.

“I’m excited to collaborate with Nicolas Pinto, who shares my enthusiasm for tech and music, on this label and deliver unique releases and experiences. Lifeforms is the culmination of years of dedicated work, with our journey beginning last year as we meticulously curated tracks.

As Englehardt put it, “Our vision for Lifeforms extends beyond a label; it’s a dynamic platform. It’s a place to unveil new music, foster collaboration, nurture emerging artists and empower them to explore the possibilities of tech-driven creativity.”

Musically, the label will seek to deliver a “diverse tapestry of genres,” Englehardt added. “However, at our core, a distinct sonic identity will always be woven through every release. Our excitement stems from the opportunity to spotlight some of the most talented artists within our scene, while also embarking on a journey to discover new and captivating voices.” 

Tim Engelhardt – Wide Awake (feat Jyll) is out now via Lifeforms.

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