You think your music is good, but labels do not reply, artists stop responding, and you’re not building the momentum your career needs. 

So what should you do?

You might get there eventually by getting feedback from random producers on Reddit or digging around for hours for the solution on YouTube. But that could take months before you stumble on that tiny piece of advice you need to break through that wall.

No, there’s a better solution – Getting direct feedback from somebody who’s been exactly where you’re at right now.

Who knows, this feedback might be the one thing you need to get a track polished, release-ready, and covered on our media outlets.

Get Feedback On Your Latest Track Here 👈

professional track feedback

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Here’s How It Works

You send us a demo or fully released song that you want actionable feedback on advice on how to improve.

Give us 2-3 business days, and we will come back with in-depth feedback that addresses both the creative and compositional side of your production and also the technical details of the track.

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