Glass blunts offer another excellent way to toke up, and their many pros and benefits make them more prevalent when smoking these days than ever before. They are easy to use, great on the go, and so much more.

Ever Wonder What The Weed shakes Are? We Got You…

But glass blunts are often overshadowed by their more conventional paper blunts. So let’s shed light on this ingenious way of smoking and dive into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this portable glass pipe.

What Is A Glass Blunt?

A glass blunt is a long cylindrical smoking device that can be packed with cannabis, much like you would a traditional blunt wrapped in paper.

Two styles of glass blunts are most frequently seen: traditional and twisted glass styles. The former of these two is made from a larger piece of cylindrical glass with openings on either end where the air can circulate through the weed that is packed inside. The latter has more components, including a metal corkscrew that attaches to a mouthpiece and a rubber top for the glass tube.

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