For Fall/Winter 2022, GOLF presents a collection that displays the Los Angeles-based brand’s expansion of its cut & sews offerings, graphic tees, and accessories.

The printable tees feature reworked motifs, all-over prints, fresh graphics, and bold artwork from GOLF’s unique perspective. The collection also features an interesting cut & sew lineup, which includes innovative applications, techniques, fabrics, and finishes. Accessories round out the presentation with playful items that incorporate the classic GOLF logo and colors, amongst many others.


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Some key features of the collection include a custom GOLF Leather Racing capsule, which offers to match genuine leather jackets, pants, and accessory items that include gloves and more. In addition, a wide range of outerwear pieces mixing fabrics and colors, like the Space Boutique-themed items, add a functional, yet playful vibe to this season’s assortment. 

The presentation also features injections of faux fur in pops of color, which can favorably be seen in a range of lightweight and heavyweight jackets, like the Script Baseball Fur Jacket, for those stand-out wardrobe pieces.

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