Chiswick House & Gardens presents Grow FM, an experimental season of activities and experiences  running throughout the summer months. Taking the idea of ‘community as health’ and Chiswick House  & Gardens’ role as a much-loved public space as a starting point, curator-producers Yinka Danmole  and Tadeo Lopez-Sendon have developed Grow FM as a fluid, evolving programme that asks, how do  we support and re-centre community at the heart of social life today?  

Highlights of the season include a newly commissioned audio artwork by Hounslow-born broadcaster,  writer and DJ, Zakia Sewell. Taking inspiration from a family member’s own challenges with mental  health, as well as Chiswick House’s past life as a progressive asylum in the 19th century, Sewell uncovers the lesser-known history of Chiswick House & Gardens while sharing her appreciation of this  green oasis in the midst of urban West London. 

The work features sounds of nature recorded at Chiswick House & Gardens, as well as readings from  the casebooks of the Tuke Brothers, the Victorian residents of Chiswick House whose radical approach  to mental health centred exchange and dialogue as a means of connecting with their patients. While  revealing uncomfortable narratives and giving voice to unheard stories, Sewell’s piece offers listeners a  transient and meditative space to think about what community means to themselves and others. 

Zakia Sewell said:  

“Having grown up in Hounslow I have strong connections with the Borough but hadn’t fully  appreciated the fascinating history of Chiswick House as an asylum. In my sound piece, which  will be aired on the Grow FM radio station, I will be exploring the theme of sanctuary, which  weaves through the different chapters of the House’s history. I hope to evoke feelings of  tranquility and peace, while uncovering the lesser-known stories that emerge from the house.” 

Sewell’s commission will air exclusively on the pop-up, roaming community radio station at the heart of  the Grow FM programme. The Grow FM radio project is inspired by the DIY ethos of the pirate radio  stations that proliferated in Hounslow in the 1990s, becoming a catalyst for communities  disenfranchised from mainstream media. The Grow FM radio station will be powered by local voices  and produced by young people from the London Borough of Hounslow. Broadcasting for six weeks  online and onsite from 14 July, it will feature live conversations and debates as well as participatory  experiences, all exploring themes of wellbeing, community and identity. 

Tadeo Lopez-Sendon said:  

“In an age where we witness the erosion of trust and social connections, Grow FM aims to re centre community at the heart of social life.” 

Yinka Danmole added:  

“Inspired by Chiswick House & Gardens’ history, and the Tuke brothers’ radical Victorian  approach to mental health practices, the Grow FM programme explores ways of nurturing this  precious public space for the local community, for new collectives and for cultural production.”  

The Hounslow-based radio station producers, Phoebe Cramer, James Douglas-Quarcoopome and  Joshua Jeremiah Olumodi, will be trained ‘on the job’ in a 12-week paid learning and development  placement led by radio producer and educator Harry Murdoch. Funded and developed by the London  Borough of Hounslow using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the  training programme was developed to address grassroots inequalities and barriers to developing a  career in the arts. Open to all Hounslow residents, the scheme attracted over 80 ambitious local  applicants with the three trainees selected following a rigorous process.  

The radio station launches on Thursday 14 July at a Chiswick House & Gardens Summer Late. This  after-hours event will include the premiere of Zakia Sewell’s new commission and screenings of  ‘Depictions of Hounslow’, a series of short films made by local residents working with artist Martin  Newth, commissioned by the Creative People & Places Hounslow Visual Arts. The films explore the  borough’s identity, geography, culture and history, uncovering untold stories and bringing them to life  through moving image and slow, mindful looking.  

Further highlights include Spice Stories, a spice blend and exchange workshop by chef Manju Mahli in  which visitors will transform memories of favourite childhood dishes into feel-good spice blends to  exchange with someone else on the night. There will also be workshops and tours by UCL Urban Lab,  spoken word performances by Hounslow Action for Youth Young Women’s Writing Project, DJ sets from  Zakia Sewell and the Grow FM producers and a licensed bar and food stalls all night.  

Xanthe Arvanitakis, Director of Chiswick House & Gardens Trust, said:  

“We know first-hand from Growing Together at Chiswick House, our thriving community  engagement programme, that a strong sense of community is integral to our health and mental 

wellbeing. We are delighted to be working closely with the local people of Hounslow and this  talented group of creatives to host Grow FM for improved health and wellbeing for all of us.” 

The Grow FM season also features {Paradise in the Sun} Or a garden of all sorts of pleasant  flowers, an immersive, interactive audio experience, by creative studio affect lab, that opened to the  public in May. An antidote to pandemic isolation and anxiety, {Paradise in the Sun} invites participants  to slow down, disconnect from the ‘noise’ of city living and instead reconnect with the natural  environment.   

Find out full schedule of activities here

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