Guy Didden is an Amsterdam-based producer with a keen ear for infectious melodies and delicate textures. Having released on esteemed labels such as Sommerville and Immersed, Guy’s debut on Songspire Records is a continuation of the producer’s steady climb up the genre’s ladder.

Songspire Records has garnered much acclaim and respect in the genre for its tasteful curation of songs that continue to push the genres of progressive and meldoic house forward, and “Dusk” is a true continuation of this legacy. With its ever-evolving melodies that ping-pong back and forth against the vocal lines to create an enchanting torrent of textures and sounds. 

“Dusk” was produced alongside the vocals of Mats Westbroek, a singer/songwriter who gained his initial time in the spotlight off the back of a viral bootleg of Toto’s song “Africa” a few years ago. 

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Alongside the original mix is a remix by Grigoré, who had a brilliant year with Peace Originates on Diynamic as one of the many highlights. He takes the remix into the sound he’s known for, phat-sounding melodic house & techno which adds the perfect club mix to this striking release.

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