Hakuna Kulala, based in Uganda, will release the debut album of French-Ghanaian vocalist PÖ.

Living between France and Uganda, Pö, who is member of electronic pop duo Poko Poko alongside Congolese producer Rey Sapienz, creates her enveloping soundscapes almost exclusively with her voice. Looping it into hallucinatory textures, she juxtaposes transcendent shimmers with raspy, post-punk bulletins and quick-fire industrial rhythms.

Cociage, which is her debut release, showcases a confident hybridization of vastly different sounds, from rap and noise to ambient and traditional folk. We’re told that it’s “steeped in cross-cultural history but feels frighteningly new.”


01. The Harvest
02. Cociage
03. Over The Clouds
04. Wind
05. Klafouti
06. Pleasing You
07. Fuck Jungle
08. Nuit Blanche
09. Galivanting
10. Koundo

Cociage LP is scheduled for March 3 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Cociage” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

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