HALIENE is no stranger to the stage or the limelight. She has worked with some. of the biggest names in the dance music industry and has released countless chart-topping hits on her own.

And with the amount of commotion that often centers around the release of his latest album, Heavenly, it can be all too easy to become detached from the art itself when you’re focused on the actual release of the music. 

So we wanted to flip the script, slow things down, and dive deep into the meaning, context, and other truths hidden in the lyrics of her single ‘Reach Across The Sky.’

HALIENE “Reach Across The Sky” Full Lyrics

It wasn’t a fairytale
It was a mess
I don’t know if it was real
Cause there’s nothing left
I let it go, all of it incompleted
You’d never know I’m in a million pieces

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