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Hannes Bieger Balance Compilation has been years in the making, as Hannes, one of Europe’s most sought-after mixing and mastering engineers, acquired some of the highest talent in the industry to bring on for the project.

‘Balance Presents Hannes Bieger’ is out now, get it HERE. 

Bieger’s Balance Compilation is made up entirely of his own original productions, alongside high-caliber acts and collaborators, creating a mix with so much hype and quality behind it that it could have been an entire album’s worth of material.

Balance presents Hannes Bieger

The mix is divided into two halves, the first of which is comprised of entirely his own productions with the latter portion offering the opportunity for collaborators such as Gui Boratto and Rodriguez Jr. to find their way to foreground.  

Learn How Hannes Performs In Our Do It Live Series Interview

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Each track has its own signature sonic flavor that perfectly bleeds into the next; creating a psychoacoustic effect of warping time and bending reality. 

We had a chance to sit down with Hannes Bieger, who had some exciting and meaningful words to say about the mix:

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