Audeze has been on our shortlist of go-to headphones for the last few years, but one of the most significant issues with their cans is that they don’t travel well, aka they are pretty big. So what about their IEMs? The LCDi3 is a fantastic pair of buds; however, if you are using them to travel and drown out the noise of life around you, that’s not going to work because they are open-back headphones. Enter the Euclid, the first closed-back, truly portable planar IEM from Audeze that brings the performance of a single planar magnetic driver to a set of buds.

So what’s so great about planar headphones? To put it simply, they have incredible detail that you don’t get from traditional cones.

You can get your nerd on here if you want to get more in-depth on the subject with this great article from out on it here from

So what catches most people’s attention straight away is the hefty price tag, which comes in at $1,299. This sum of loot immediately puts them into the “I’m SERIOUS about my sound” category, and as you would expect, many audiophiles swear by planar headphones. So if you are a casual music enthusiast, like a more colored or bass-heavy sound, you can stop reading now because you don’t need this kind of firepower, as it would be like handing your grandparents the keys to a new Ferrari.

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