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Helinox, the brand that created the lightweight, portable furniture category, introduces the Off-White™ EQUIPMENT™ c/o Helinox collection. The brainchild of Off-White™ founder and creative director Virgil Abloh, this first-of-its-kind collaborative questions the existing confines of design innovation within the luxury space through boundary-breaking expressions. 

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The vanguard partnership began in 2020, when Abloh asked Post Archive Faction (PAF) to imagine a performance wear collection at the intersection of design and utility made to navigate “our terrain today.” The Korean collective’s bold response proposed the creation of multidimensional safe zones for human survival, spanning garments, tools, and spaces. Over the ensuing two years, Off-White™ and Post Archive Faction (PAF) realized their shared vision in collaboration with Helinox and the historic Swiss Army knife manufacturer, Victorinox.

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