Hercules DJControl Mix Review

Nowadays, becoming a DJ feels like it is second only to becoming a YouTube influencer for young adults and kids. As such, it seems incredibly surprising to me that more portable and user-friendly DJ controllers are not available! Until now, I feel Numarks‘ little DJ2GO2 Touch was the only option for learning the basics of DJing (on the go).

Until the DJControl Mix by Hercules recently arrived.

Hercules recently dropped an entire line of entry-level DJ gear and was kind enough to send us a few options to review. After toying with this small controller and accompanying phone app, we’ve got some serious thoughts about this fantastic little device.

Because it’s got a lot to offer and does most things the Numark does, only better, but then again, we would hate for you, dear reader to bite on any marketing offer simply. So we did a deep and honest review of Hercules DJControl Mix. So let’s get into it all. 

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