Softsynths are a powerful tool for anyone making music in today’s world. 

A softsynth is a software synthesizer used in music production and music creation. While this is a broad topic, it leaves much room for interpretation for the various developers making these production tools.

Some vsts focus on emulating one specific synthesizer, often a well-known vintage model like the Arturia Mini V emulating classic Moog hardware. 

Others have a wide range of capabilities like Xfer’s Serum. Some operate as stand-alone units while others function as plug-ins within some other environment like Native Instruments Reaktor.

So let’s dive into the best and most popular vsts that should be on your radar this year. Because there are always more plugins that you could be buying, that doesn’t mean that they are all worth the amount of money they cost or in time investment it takes to learn the ins and outs of them.

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