We had the opportunity to cover Insomniac’s HARD Fest, returning to The National Orange Show Event Center in San Bernardino, California, this summer.

2022 was the first year Insomniac extended the festival from 2 days to 3 days, and attendees were excited about the extensive lineup this year.

We caught many amazing photos, interviewed some of the best talents at the festival, and shared more memories than we care to admit. So let’s dive into everything! 

Lucille Croft Interview

We had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with Lucille Croft on Friday before her set. Lucille released her debut EP, Patient X, earlier this year, which tells the story of how she, “Patient X,” rebels against society, which is trying to mold her into the perfect woman, and how she uses seduction and destruction in response to everyone else trying to define who she is. 

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