The Midnight Stranger Things

Now the dust has settled from the latest season of Netflix’s show Stranger Things, deeper processing of the show can begin. Without the massive deluge of gossip about Nancy and Barb, lore about the Upside Down, and conjecture about the Duffer Brothers bombarding us, we can let the show’s meaning sink in.

And as Stranger Things brings synthwave more into the mainstream, there is no better duo to shed a bit more insights into the show than the LA-based duo The Midnight. Their sound is built on the nostalgia of the Stranger Things era, and to celebrate their fresh new single recently released, we sat down to interview them about the show, their thoughts on its music, and what it means to them. 

The interview went longer than expected, so we cherry-picked the most insightful moments and quotes from the interview so you can get right into the highest value perspectives the duo brought to the table. Before diving in, listen to ‘Heart Worth Breaking,’ which is the duo’s latest single!  

Hardware Synths Are The Future 

‘Nostalgia is always a draw. I think stranger things did it so blatantly from the beginning. The Mandalorian did nostalgia a little different, but stranger things were out to capture that youthful optimism of the 80s, and it’s such a palpable feeling.” – The Midnight

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