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It’s barely 7:30 on a Friday night and the room is already packed with leather-clad Brooklynites. The stage is cloaked in blue light and the drinks are flowing. People are dressed to the nines in their scariest outfits––chains, spider jewelry, and an excess of eyeliner. 

It’s Horror Night at Elsewhere, evident as we step out of the cold New York air and into a tunnel that bathes us in red light as we check in.

What Is NYC’s Elsewhere? 

Elsewhere has a unique reputation, not only as one of the coolest live music venues in Brooklyn, but also as a home to techno fanatics, goths, and anybody who wants to dress up and dance until morning. From the inclusive messaging to the stellar lineup of experimental music, the club represents the progressive underworld of New York music. In one corner of the room, there’s a guy with a bright blue mohawk that stands easily stands a foot tall. In another, a group of girls with eyeliner-drawn teardrops on either cheek. 

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