Can one ever have enough bags? We think not. Whether for travel, day-to-day use, or a quick outing in town, having the right bag to carry all your essentials is in itself…essential.

Launched in 2010 by two friends and bandmates, the HEX brand continues to churn out functional and stylish products with creatives in mind -the perfect marriage of form and function for those where both aspects matter equally.

HEX’s “Ranger” collection is street-ready, travel-ready, and chock-full features. Keeping on top of the game, HEX released a fresh “Artic Camo” design of their popular “Ranger” collection – impeccable timing for the cooler months ahead.

We got a hold of the “Ranger Artic Camo DSLR Sling V2” right before the release and took it for a spin throughout the Midwest to test its versatility.


Why invest in the HEX Ranger Artic Camo DSLR Sling V2?

Portability is everything when choosing the right bag for the occasion. Keeping the photographer in mind, their newest iteration of their Sling V2 is the perfect bag on days when you don’t need to carry the whole kit and caboodle. 

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