Hailing from the Baltic coast, born into a family of musicians, Holly North was immersed in music throughout his childhood. At age seven, he was encouraged to learn the cello, before venturing onto the piano and electric bass during his teenage years. Alongside an early musical education, he also experienced a political one, and credits living in Greifswald with leading him to become politically and socially conscious at a young age. Following a stint in New York, he gained familiarity with the electronic music scene and quickly built a  name for himself via a string of celebrated releases, including his 2021 single release Youth which received over one million streams on Spotify alone, before joining Christian Löffler’s Ki Records this year. In making music, his motto is simple – “Always different and always new!”, tempering electrifying innovation with just enough moderation as necessary. Holly North loves to draw upon his eclectic and diverse musical background, as he intertwines the acoustic and electronic in deeply melodic sonic creations. 

NO CITY NO SEA, released via Ki Records, Holly North has collated and curated trains of thoughts into “ambiguous allegory of thoughts and feelings that were always too hard to tell and too easy to forget” 

The single Falling, from the album, showcases a  soundsphere which is centred around carefully architected melodies. The vocals are slightly distorted creating the effect that they come from far away and so, as the lyrics sing of “falling asleep with a melody”, the listeners feel themselves enter a realm which is somewhere between a state of consciousness and not. Frontiers embodies a fearless exploration of sound.

Experimenting with instrumentation, he creates an infectious, carefree atmosphere that’s both distinctive and unmistakably his own. On Jump High, however, the mood changes conspicuously. On this track, we see him shed any possible inhibitions and embrace the wildest elements of fun, experimenting with sounds and vocals, to create a carefree, easy-to-enjoy, catchy listen. 

Within a collection of nostalgia-tinged, constantly dynamic tracks, the listener discovers fitting accompaniment to those thoughts, emotions and concepts which sometimes feel too vast to be articulated through words alone. This music tries to dismantle complexities and borders of thought while it constantly transforms and reinvents its meanings.” 

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