With Hot Chip’s eighth album release just around the corner, news, content, and updates surrounding the British electronic pop legends are in heavy circulation. 

But with the overindulgence of this content, it can be all too easy to gloss over the deeper meaning of the art and music being released. We get so excited about the darker emotions Hot Chip explores in their upcoming album that we pay no mind to the songs’ words, lyrics, and music. 

So we sat down with the group and unpacked the meanings hiding in plain sight in the lyrics of their single “Eleanor” from their upcoming album Freakout/Release

Full Lyrics To ‘Eleanor’ By Hot Chip

When you’re standing there can you really
Just ignore his prayers to be reunited
With that child that has lost its
Father standing there, by his side and…

…When I walk out in the sea
All the waves crash over me
When the world smashes into you
Let it be a central part of you

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