Hotboxx, The Artist Never Die, London X Release ‘Vogue EP’

This new production has the flavors, colors, and sounds of the nostalgic 90’s as it undoubtedly showcases the style of this trio of artists. The release is made via the label and collective House of Huemans, of which the three DJs and music producers are lead members.

With nostalgia activated, the power and energy of this release are evident in every song of this 3-track EP, which will surely put the name of the artists higher on the list of acts to follow.

Coming from recent collaborations with the same label, Hotboxx brings his eclectic and impressive style to the mix, making ‘Vogue’ the perfect new addition to party-lovers and voguers’ playlists.

The track, ‘Too Sexy,’ features a pounding beat, a wobbly bass, and playful autotune vocals, with a chopped sample of the classic hit ’Too Sexy’ by Right Said Fred; minor percussion that gives off even more Miami vibes. This track will get the party started.

Then, ‘Keep Movin’ introduces an energetic beat, a nostalgic synth, and chopped vocals sampling ‘Keep Moving’ add dynamic to the track.

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