NFT Roadmaps

What is a NFT Roadmap?

An NFT Roadmap is the big picture plan for an NFT project or a NFT drop. The NFT Roadmap signals to the fan community what is being planned for the artist’s drop.

Let’s Break Down More About NFT Roadmaps

  • It is a communication tool to publicly tell fans why they should support a drop and what they can expect to get out of their involvement
  • It is proposed justification for why someone should buy a token, a “promise” to develop the ecosystem around token ownership
  • It is an evolving, forever changing public document describing the current state and future of the NFT project

Why Do NFT Roadmaps Matter?

Before roadmaps, NFTs were images and other media files attached to blockchain, with organic communities built around ownership. NFT roadmaps developed and became prominent as a way to supercharge a community and build trust and outline communicated objectives for a project, making the NFT more than a jpeg or music file and organic community around art/concept. Roadmaps helped pave the way for marketing and communicating what web3 and NFTs could be in the future with empowered communities and large-scale development and funding. It also serves as a way to onboard existing fans.

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