Sentry is an upcoming action-defense first-person shooter being developed by Fireblade Software. The player(s) can utilize turrets, environmental destruction, or traps to defend their spaceship against waves of relentless aliens through a dynamic single-player or co-op campaign. 

Barry Topping (aka Epoch), the composer for Sentry, is based out of Scotland and has been in the music industry for the better two decades. He studied music at University and toured several countries with multiple bands. We met him and chat about his journey into full-time video game composition and musically what we can expect from Sentry. 

What made you want to transition from producing your music and touring in bands to producing for video games full-time?

Barry Topping: It’s weird; I can’t remember when I realized, “hey, video games have music, and it’s different from other music.” I remember the first game soundtrack I picked up on a CD from eBay. It was the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack. 

This was before YouTube, so at that time, the only place you could hear video game music was in video games. Suddenly I had some video game music that I could put on a CD player and listen to. That came around when I was already playing guitar and in bands, and something clicked in my head that if I was writing music for bands, I could also write music for video games.

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