The barrier of entry into music production has never been lower, allowing anyone and everyone to dive into the art of making music. As such, many newer producers nowadays haven’t ever even stepped near an instrument before cracking open Ableton.

Conversely, some producers, like Josh Teed, spent their entire lives honing their craft as classical musicians to only then transition into beat-making and music production in their adult life. Now, Josh’s signature sound is shaped by his classic training and even goes as far as incorporating live violin into his DJ sets, setting him apart from the sea of other producers and turning him into a genuinely memorable and distinguished live electronic act.

To celebrate the release of his third studio album, we invited Josh to learn exactly how beneficial classical training is to music production and how a background in the world’s most respected genre can make for damn-dirty drops. 

Stream Josh Teed’s Latest EP

Josh’s classical mastery over his craft is displayed throughout this 8-track album as he runs the entire gamut of sounds and styles that showcase his signature sound. 

Tracks like “Nightmare Sonata” and “Recurring Dreams” take a more standard approach to implementing his classical instrument. In contrast, songs like “Ancient Illusion” utilize the disharmonious scrapes of the strings to create a genuinely ominous tonality. Sprinkled through the album are more delicate changes in style, where tracks like “Elysian Forest” and “Hypnagogia” show the softer sides of Josh’s musicianship.

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