It takes almost a decade of work to create an overnight success. DJ Montay, one member of Atlanta’s Southern Style DJs, is an example of this. 

Joining Atlanta’s Big Oomp Records as a teenager, he spent years soaking up game from Big Oomp producers like Freddy B and MC Assault and DJs like DJ Jelly, who helped him grow his skill.

Now as an adult, he crafted songs for everyone from Dem Franchize Boyz to Crime Mob and DJ Unk. But Montay took the biggest strides of his career by working on Flo Rida’s iconic track “Low.”

Montay grew up on Atlanta’s Southside listening to everything from NWA to Atlanta mixtape pioneer Edward J’s J Team. Out of everything he heard, Big Oomp’s DJ mixes made the biggest impression on him, inspiring him to want to become a producer as well.

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