organization for creativity

I know more than my fair share of music producers who are the eclectic and eccentric type, and I will be the first to admit that I count myself as one of them. There’s something a bit Romantic about a studio desk covered in scattered synths and production paraphernalia as you frantically throw ideas at your DAW until something sticks. 

But is having a method to the madness worth the mess? 

Taking a step back and talking to the experts, music producers can quickly find that having a well-organized space and a clean studio in which to produce is the secret sauce to tapping into your higher levels of creativity and streamlining your workflow (upping the quantity and the quality of your creative output).

And to dive into this concept a little more, we invited the creative team at Hexcal, makers of the professional-grade desktop mount and studio workstation tool that is taking the tech world by storm, to come on and chat about the benefits of having a clean and organized space can bring to your creative life and artistic career as a producer. 

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