apaull - mushMouth [Furnace Room]

apaull – mushMouth [Furnace Room]

Dutch-Canadian producer apaull has released his new EP, mushMouth. Following up on his June 2022 debut EP 4Sol, mushMouth continues to ask the listener questions in this case: “Do the talking heads we see day after day, on whatever media, actually have anything to say?”, with the follow-up question: “Do we actually need to listen?”

Words and photos by apaull



We live in a world of convoluted and tilted media filters where unseen arbiters and algorithms determine what is and is not heard, and importantly how it gets heard. If the speaker conforms to a constantly narrowing (cul de sac) worldview it is presented in an uncritical, if not glowing way. If this favored speaker somehow crosses the pre-ordained worldview they are met with the most soap soft mild rebuke and off they go. Otherwise, speakers are vilified, excoriated, and dismissed; and if the mob gets their chance canceled.

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