Christian Hornbostel has released his fifth album ‚Annus Alchemicus‘ (from the lat. ‚Alchemical Year‘), sticking to his ‘Latin titles’ concept. Recorded as usual at the foot of the Upper-Bavarian alps, the new twelve tracks, without any names and numbered with Roman numerals, ideally represent the months of a year-long journey through transformation and experimentation. 

This time, in addition to his typical techno style, Hornbostel delivers impressive prog stuff with extremely different BPM, where instrumentation and compositional techniques could even be associated with jazz or fusion music. An ambitious state-of-the-art project, a sign of bravery and self-confidence in this era characterized by uncertainty. We checked out the recording studio, switching between modern digital hardware and traditional acoustic instruments.

Words and photos by Christian Hornbostel

Christian Hornbostel

Christian Hornbostel

Gretsch Drum Set

There is to say that I played with my first band at the age of 14, later becoming a professional recording studio session drummer. During my college years, I lost my mind for bands like Genesis, Weather Report, Brand-X, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Santana (Lotus/Caravanserai Tour). So, at this point in my artistic journey, I thought that it is probably the right time to try to realise my ambitious dream of incorporating a warm, acoustic drum sound into a modern, digital techno sound. In some tracks (V. – IX. – XII.) I even did the opposite: adding modern sound design tools to acoustic, prog stuff. Regarding the drum set, after much deliberation, my choice fell on a minimalistic Gretsch model.

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