Back in June, London’s Coe released his Spin Cycle EP, the follow-up to his acclaimed Radial release on Woozy Records. Chopped snappy vox and snips of laughter sit over a volley of bouncy kick and sludgy bass tremors – this is futuristic, cheeky, tripped-out electro, prime for a full club meltdown.

Spin Cylce is an incredibly produced bass-heavy wonder – a showcase of Coe’s affinity for mutant bass explorations, kinetic club sounds, and intricate percussion, informed by his first love, Dubstep.

Words and photos by Coe


I consider my methods of producing to be quite rough, I’m definitely not the most technical producer, so I like to keep my setup really simple. I am a big believer in working with a limited amount of tools, but also knowing them inside out to get the absolute most out of them.

I’m going to break down the tools I used and the methods that I use.

Cable Guys – Shaperbox 2


This plugin is an absolute game changer for getting out of the loop. With the time warping element especially, you can chop up audio on the fly.

I tend to mix as I go along, and then group percussion into track stacks on logic and add Shaperbox to the whole stack. I then bounce the stack as one, cut it up, and resample it again multiple times through different presets I have created. I’ll use the bounces as fills for the end of phrases, or I will filter & pan the audio with a lot of automation, and layer it up with the main percussion group to give it more movement.

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