Rony Seikaly is a Miami-based producer with some seriously prodigious musical output, pulling inspiration from a truly unique origin story.

He found his initial burst of stardom playing professional basketball in the NBA and it’s this same drive that got him to succeed in that competitive industry is what allowed him to sore to new heights in the world of dance music and production. 


There are a few central themes that run through much of his music; a philosophy rooted in the essence of dance, joy, free expression, inclusivity, escape, safety, and unity. 

His latest album, Moonwalk, takes the listener out of their surroundings, away from the humdrum of everyday life, and transports them to a realm of pleasure and abandonment. Rony’s productions embody the core tenets of the dance floor, and they’ve been successfully road-tested by the man himself in countless sets.

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To achieve such a comprehensive and complete sound, Rony has pulled inspiration from a collection of dance music records that spans the better part of two decades. The end result is that of a detailed, diverse, and eclectically polished bunch of tracks that is as diverse as it in singular.

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