Breton based artist Yann Tiersen is releasing his newest album 11 5 18 2 5 18, which is set to release on 6/10 via Mute on CD and digital platforms with a vinyl version dropping on September 30. Following the release with fresh tour dates stretching across North America. 

Yann has so far released 2 tracks from the 9 track album. 16 15 21 12 12. 2 15 10 5 18 where treated piano samples bend and drift through hypnotizing pulsing electronics. 

While 11 5 18 2 5 18 begins with sparse textured electronics propelling the track forward as elements from the original start to gradually open out, and spiraling piano patterns give way to pulsating beats. The album can be preordered here.

The Man Himself

At the age of 4 Yann received classical piano training, then adding the violin to his repertoire at age 6. Receiving classical training from reputable academies in Rennes, Nantes, and Boulogne until about 13 when he decided to break his violin into pieces, purchase a guitar, and form a rock band.

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