Electronic three-piece Zola Blood has dropped their long-awaited second album, Black Blossom, out 1st April. A twelve-track, self-released LP, Black Blossom is an exploration into the pitfalls of the internet – more specifically the nature of social media and its polarising effect.

The release precedes a twelve-date European tour, kicking off in Antwerp on 6th April. There are further shows in the likes of Paris, Munich, and Amsterdam, before finishing up in Zurich on 28th April. The group is also set to announce 3 UK dates in November and December across London, Glasgow, and Manchester, and are to go on sale Friday 8th April.

“For the most part the record is about the internet and how’s it’s fucking us all up,” Matt West explains. “The way we communicate has fundamentally transformed over the last decade and I think we’re starting to feel the consequences of that.”

He continues: “A lot of the songs came from just reflecting on the kind of tribalism and abuse that’s become normalised online. Watching the big moments of the last few years through the lens of social media made me question whether these platforms have done more harm than good. The idea behind Black Blossom is that the internet started out as this kind of utopian dream that was going to bring us all together but it’s grown into something much darker.”

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