David Hohme’s personal imprint, Where The Heart Is Records, has been seeing a steady string of quality tracksover the past year and is quickly earning it’s place as one of the best curated, indie-sized labels in the world of progressive and organic house. 

This expert curation is shown in full force with its latest release, a single titled ROMA by Luciano Elvira. The track is a soft, delicate groover that is complimented by enchanting vocals that drift over the top of it all.

It’s one of the rare tracks that fits perfectly into both casual listening sets (as exemplified on one of David Hohme’s many live Twitch streams over the past few months) and it is in the packed clubs where Gai Barone and D-Nox have been heavily rinsing this track as well over the past months. 

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While this genre of music often appears simple, it often is packed with nuace and emotion which is not so easy to extract from the record. It takes patience and a measured hand to get started, and a few expert tricks to bring a track like ROMA over the finish line. 

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