how artists can push their career forward

What red flags do you see in yourself that may prevent you from taking that step?

Every musician, producer, and creative individual reaches a point in their career where they want to abandon it all and pursue a more standard occupation. And what’s sad is that the majority of these people actually do give up on music entirely…

But the rare few make the conscious decision to continue on and find a way to push their career to the next level. And worst yet, at least from an outsider looking in, these musicians and producers make it look easy (even if it’s actually one of the hardest things a musician can do). 

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And while it may be hard, it’s far from impossible. And nobody knows this better than Jacqueline M. Baker whose recent book, The Unexpected Leader: Discovering the Leader Within You, shares everything creatives and professionals across any industry can do each day to push their careers forward. 

We had the chance to sit down with Jacqueline M. Baker to discover critical information like what is holding most musicians back, the key factors that determine personal and professional development, and helpful tips for success and pitfalls to avoid like self-sabotage that could derail your success in the music industry. 

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