how to use the prophet rev 2

The more hardware synthesizer and studio-essential guides that I do, the more I discover that the  Prophet Rev 8 is the secret weapon behind some of my favorite productions. This synth, which picks up where Dave Smith’s iconic synth left off, offers so much versatility and originality that it is no wonder top-level producers consistently rely on it.

Paradoks is a producer whose signature sound has graced labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Purified Records, and Parquet. The millions of streams on streaming platforms he has amassed may not have been possible without the powerhouse Prophet Rev 2 in his arsenal and Ableton Live as his canvas.

So as the Swiss-Belgian melodic producer sets out to make new strides in his career by self-releasing his first track on Antinome, we decided it was high time we discovered his secrets on how he uses the Rev 2 in combination with Ableton Live to achieve his signature melodic sound.

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