Producers, DJs, and artists are forced to wear a hundred different hats to get their careers off the ground. Not only do they need to produce music, DJ, manage social media, and more; but they also must create interesting and unique visual content to pair with the tracks. 

This can be an incredibly hard demand to keep up with, at least until recently technology has made creating your own artwork fast, easy, and preferable. 

Fell Reis is one such producer who has been using AI-generated art for much of his content and label releases. The rapidity with which these powerful tools can create images has allowed Fell to keep up with his work as a producer, label head, and Creative Director at NYX Agency

With the release of his debut single on his new HUE Rec, we figured we would invite Fell on to have him break down the magic of how he uses his powerful tools. 

Fell Reiss drops hypnotic new single ‘33 Years Later’


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