Reinventing yourself is essential in an industry that prioritizes constant trends to survive. For many artists, being able to adapt and change the tactics that they once used to become successful is the sole reason they are still successful. 

Mark Williams Jr, professionally known as Mickey Factz, created his own brand, GFCNY, sixteen years ago, at a time when the industry was reeling from streaming and bootlegging. As one of the most prominent emcees in the blog era, he was a part of a class of rappers who were ahead of the curve. 

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So if you are a musician, rapper, artist, or producer looking to redefine who you are in the music industry, you will definitely want to be taking notes because this interview was packed with knowledge that might just define your career. 

All quotes throughout the article are pulled from our latest interview with the rap icon. 

Marketing Yourself As A Musician Is Essential

For Mickey, adapting and reinventing himself is nothing new. As an emcee eager to gain attention, he first garnered a buzz for himself by building an online presence, releasing his first project in 2006. 

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