adding emotion to dance music

If your music isn’t getting the play counts you want or attracting the fans you expect, it’s likely because there is no emotional pull to your productions. In fact, I would imagine this is the sole reason why, out of the 60k songs uploaded to Spotify every single day, only a tenth of a percentage even gets more than a few streams.

Writing music that elicits a feeling from your listeners and an emotional response from your fanbase is the secret sauce to a lasting career as a music producer

Nobody knows this better than Corren Cavini, whose melodic acumen has garnered him support from the likes of Eelke Kleijn, David Hohme, and many other top-tier talents in the music industry.  

And with Corren closing out the year hot with a string of phenomenal releases and a couple of massive bookings at ADE, we decided it was high time we sit this guy down and pick his brain about how he manages to write emotional and compelling dance music that pulls at your heartstrings and moves a crowd all at the same time. 

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