How to take a Thanksgiving weed walk

Getting stoned on Thanksgiving around your family can be one of the guiltiest pleasures for any cannabis enthusiast. Smoking weed on this holiday of indulgence makes everything better, from the food to the conversation with family members you disagree with. But weed has the potential to turn an excellent Thanksgiving dinner into a complete disaster if you get caught, get too stoned, or a combination of either.

So to help you out this Thanksgiving season, we put together the ultimate guide for getting stoned on Thanksgiving. In this article, we will cover everything from the best ways to smoke before dinner to how to recruit fellow tokers into the celebration and even clever ways to sneak out of the house for the iconic Thanksgiving walk before dinner. So let’s dive in…

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The Best Methods For Smoking At Thanksgiving

How To Be Stoned At Thanksgiving

Everyone has ways that they love to toke up, but today the situation is different. On Thanksgiving, so many more variables are at play compared to an average stoner session on the couch with Netflix. So choosing your preferred method to smoke and chief up might be different than your usual tried and true ways.

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