how to find nightlight in a city you've never been to

Being a tourist and visiting a new city is always exciting, but finding good shows, concerts, and venues to hit while you’re there is often a massive struggle.


Because Yelp sucks for nightclubs, blog posts on the topic are often super old, and the cultural pulse of what’s hot and cool is constantly changing. This means that even if you do your research well, you still might end up at a show or venue whose moment has faded. 

To make matters worst, when you’re visiting a new city, you likely already have enough on your plate just getting there. Who has time to find the best DJ set or club show when you need to book hotels, find good spots for food, and ensure you don’t lose your passport? 

Luckily there is a new company on the market that seeks to streamline the struggle, allowing you to find the hottest nightclubs, best venues, and most “happening” shows whether you’re traveling to a new city or just looking for a night out in your town. 

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