how to use the korg polysix

The resurgence of hardware synths has breathed wondrous life into the production community. More and more producers are utilizing the complex timbres of boutique hardware synths in new ways to make their modern-sounding records. 

Rose Ringed is one such producer who has relied heavily on the timeless and hard-to-find sounds of the Korg Polysix to blaze his path through the industry. And he must be doing something right, as some of the biggest names in the industry have already begun to take notice and consistently support even his earliest releases. 

To celebrate the release of his latest EP, we decided to catch up with Rose Ringed to find out just how he uses his Korg Polysix in his productions to create such a unique and powerful sound. 

Stream Rose Ringed’s Latest Release Below

Rose Ringed was born to a music-loving father and a jazz ballerina mother during the early trance rave era of the 90s. Playing the drums led to learning piano, getting inspiration from what is now the nostalgic sounds of the ambient and early techno parties in Amsterdam. His first EP ‘Spring Memories’ became an instant success after its release in 2018, when Kölsch played ‘In Your Arms Again’ during his BBC Radio 1 show. 

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