How To Use The Prophet Rev 2

The Prophet Rev 8 is a powerful piece of hardware that picks up where Dave Smith’s iconic synth left off. It comes packed with enough features to potentially overwhelm the average music producer, but many, like the duo Hello Yes, see that as the synth’s best asset. 

And with its classic filter designs, powerful FX engines, and even a polyphonic step sequence all allowing you to shape and mold the sound to your needs and wants in the studio, this synth can easily be a one-stop shop for whatever you need it to do.

Of course, that’s only if you know how to use the Prophet Rev 8.

So to celebrate the release of their ‘Lost Signal’ EP, we invited Hello Yes to show us how they use this awesome synth in all of their producers.

Stream ‘Lost Signal’ Below  

Throughout the length of the 4-track EP, Hello Yes delivers a range of productions that run the gamut of influences and styles. And while all of the tracks on the EP share a similar texture and tonality, that has long attracted the likes of the industry heavyweight ZHU, they also stand apart from each other as beautiful tunes in their own right.

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