OCULA’s signature sound is a tasteful blend of retro analog characteristics mixed with the clear and present punch of modern music production. U-He’s Diva is the softsynth that OCULA swears by to achieve such precise and masterful results. 

Diva is an analog-emulation plugin whose complete functionality is buried within a user interface that can seem a bit overwhelming to producers first picking it up. But it’s incredibly user-friendly once you know where to start.

So to celebrate the release of his latest EP, out now on Monstercat Silk, we invited OCULA on to unpack the best and easiest ways to start using this synth to make beautiful melodic house music that gets supported by the likes of Lane 8, Le Youth, and more.

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Stream OCULA’s Latest EP Below

Having followed OCULA for a few years, it’s fantastic to see the culmination of his dauntless work encapsulated in this masterfully-done 4-track EP.

Bridging the gap between club-friendly energy and delicate listenability, each track offers something new to fans and newcomers alike. Vocal tracks featuring Julia Church and Luke Coulson offer humanized connections that are begging to be put on repeat. 

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