The stats will tell you that almost every single one of the most popular songs over the past four decades has been vocal tracks, proving that humanity’s favorite instrument is the human voice. And know this, it’s no wonder why top-level vocalists are constantly in demand. 

Brando is one such vocalist whose infectious vocal hooks can be heard on some popular TikTok songs and chart-topping singles. 

And to celebrate the release of his latest single on Armada, we sit down with Brando to pick his brain about how to write vocal melodies for dance music that move crowds, rack up millions of plays, and stay with you long after the record has ended. 

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Stream ‘Sunday Monday’ Below


Brando is in high demand of late, garnering massive attention as much for his viral popularity on TikTok as he is in the underground club music scene. Much of this is a testament as much to the high production value that comes alongside every one of Brando’s releases as it does to the sheer catchy musicality held within the productions.

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