Icelandic group ex.girls will release their debut album on Bjarki’s bbbbbb recors.

ex.girls, previously known as Russian Girls, consists of frontman Tatjana Dís on vocals alongside Guðlaugur Einarsson and Gylfi Sigurðsson. (Dís and Einarsson also form the rock band Skrattar, whose album, Hellraiser IV, landed on bbbbbb recors in 2021.)

The group’s sound palette paints with broad strokes of lush arrangements cemented with a lo-fi disposition. It’s a soundscape where the rumble of a crunchy bass meets a quirky sprinkle of Nordic humour, a signature style the group fondly dub as “SauerLounge.”

They released Drepa mann​/​Halda áfram on bbbbbb recors in 2021.

With Verk, we can expect a 12-track exploration of unorthodox textures and sonics, with sounds and influences spanning rock and nu-wave through to electro, drone, and ambient.

The result is an “absorbing and hypnotic trip,” we’re told, “with twists and turns across every track.”

For more information on Bjarki and Icelandic music more generally, check out his XLR8R feature here.


01. Æð
02. 90 Oktan
03. Bensín
04. Vont er það venst
05. Seinni æð
06. Drepa mann
07. Hundrað í hættunni
08. Manneskja
09. Er það þrek
10. Innri-Ytri
11. Halda áfram
12. Svinadalur

Verk LP will land on bbbbbb recors on November 17, with remixes to follow in the months ahead. We’ll add clips and pre-order as they become available.

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